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A Baker’s Life for Me! Baby Book Theme Cupcakes!

What a wild and crazy weekend!  I baked over 14 dozen cupcakes, ran a half marathon, spent time with Penny and our nephew at the hospital because poor Bryson was having trouble breathing, meet Lila Baldwin (our awesome friends, Michelle and Alex’s gorgeous newborn girl), cleaned our kitchen 4 or 5 times, caught up with our boos, Kristy and Bart, and slept a few hours.  NUTS!

I’m so thankful for all of the cupcake orders!  I am booked solid with orders until the last week in May.  I could probably squeeze in a few more special orders, but I think samplers are out of the question.  Boo!  I always love those mornings.  Always a great chance to try out some new flavor combinations and recipes.

I definitely need more spare time to make cupcake toppers!  Good thing I’m backing down mileage-wise in regards to running.  I have to cut-in some where.  I’m starting to get some cool challenges, which if you know me… I love a good challenge, but these require more work.

Check out these super cute Baby BOOK Baby Shower cupcakes and toppers that I made for a special lady, Kristin one of my co-workers at Wisdom this weekend for her cousin’s Baby Shower: 

Winnie the Pooh and the Lorax?  Shut your mouth!  I actually love the BABY monogram toppers too!  How sweet and delicate… almost like lace.

I loved using my edible marker for these toppers.  Many children’s books are very “sketchy” (not like shady), but in a pencil/marker sketchy… you know?

See… sketchy like this:

So, I thought the marker would create this effect better than anything else.  Now, I didn’t just make little Lorax and Winnie the Pooh toppers…

What about Curious George and HORTON?  

Again, I love that BOY monogram, but Horton Hears a Who definitely stole the show!

All together now!

Yay, so much fun to make!  I loved every minute of making these cupcakes and toppers.  Thanks Kristin for inviting me to be part of your family’s special occasion.  Hope the weekend in South Carolina was great!


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